What is Carta Amico Salutista?

Carta Amico Salutista is a partner of those who are more attentive to their health by choice of lifestyle or by necessity, as in the case of subjects with allergic sensitivity.

Carta Amico Salutista is free and has no expiry date.

Carta Amico Salutista allows you to obtain concessions, agreements and advantages for your environments and for your health.

I members get:

discount codes and advantages offered by affiliated hoterls and B&B  present on the Hotelinsalute.com healthy guide discounts and promotions on the purchase of products that revolve around health made at affiliated businesses with Carta Amico Salutista and on the list of affiliated businesses that can be downloaded at www.hotelinsalute.com/carta-amico discounts on online purchases made at affiliated shops Carta Amico Salutista discounts for the purchase of services reserved for Carta Amico Salutista cardholders





 ART. 1 – The Carta Amico Salutista service is a membership card thanks to which those who register can benefit from various advantages, including:

  1. participate in promotional initiatives reserved for Card holders and Partners, initiatives that are communicated from time to time to subscribers through the preferential channels chosen during registration

  2. purchase goods or services at advantageous prices at affiliated sales points

  3. purchase online, from affiliated partners, using the discount code that will be provided with the online publication or through direct communication.


ART. 2 – Affiliated companies Carta Amico Salutista.

The updated list of member companies or affiliated companies of the Carta Amico Salutista circuit is present and can be consulted on the website en.hotelinsalute.com/carta-amico


ART. 3 – Issue of the card

1. Carta Amico Salutista is issued by Hotelinsalute.com based in TURIN.

2. Carta Amico Salutista is free and personal and cannot be transferred to third parties. There are no activation costs or annual fees; in case of theft, loss or deterioration there are no new issue costs.

3. Carta Amico Salutista is intended exclusively for private customers.

4. The Healthy Friend Card is sent to the member in electronic format via email.

5. Each member can hold only one Health Friendly Friend Card.

6. The holder must use the card only for the prescribed uses, remaining directly responsible for any possible abuse.

7. Carta Amico Salutista and its affiliated Partners are in any case not responsible for any fraudulent use of the same by third parties, without prejudice to the right of Carta Amico Salutista and its Partners to compensation for damages in terms of image and economic damage.

8. The member of Carta Amico Salutista has the right to withdraw from their membership at any time and without expenses of any kind, by notifying them by e-mail to be sent to info@hotelinsalute.it.

9. Carta Amico Salutista is owned by Hotelinsalute.com which is the only one authorized to issue it.


ART. 4 – Ownership of the card

The holder of the Card is responsible for the truthfulness of the data provided or for any false or misleading communications and is liable according to the terms of the law.


Art.5 – Validity

Carta Amico Salutista does not expire except as indicated in Article 3 point 5.5.


Art.6 - Validity of communications

For all communications and correspondence relating to the services associated with the Healthy Friend Card, the member will be considered available at the e-mail address or other accounts that he had indicated, during registration, as preferential in the contact mode..


Art. 7 – Unforeseen impossibility to provide the expected services

Hotelinsalute.com issues and manages the Amico Salutista Card on the basis of specific Agreements stipulated with its Partners, who have the right to modify the content of their offers or withdraw from the contract. Carta Amico Salutista has no obligation to guarantee the presence of a given type of agreement. The Conventions are subject to periodic updating.

In the event of termination of all the services associated with the card, for any cause, the Amico Salutista Card will lose all effectiveness. The termination of the service associated with the card will be communicated to subscribers by means of a notice published on the page:

www.hotelinsalute.com/carta-amico and will remain visible for at least 30 days


Art.8. – Changes to the regulations

Carta Amico Salutista reserves the right to modify, at any time, this regulation both totally and even partially. The holder of the Healthy Friend Card will always receive timely communication about the changes that have occurred and may decide at any time to withdraw from membership.


Art.9 – Consent to the processing of personal data

The data of the holder of the Amico Salutista Card are useful for updating with the customer regarding new initiatives and the terms of the respective concessions.

The data required for registration are: name, surname, address, email, telephone, age, profession, city, postcode.

The data may be aggregated for statistical purposes anonymously.

The data is not disclosed to third parties.

The member grants specific authorizations for data processing through their online registration or by filling in paper forms.


Art. 10 – Jurisdiction

For any dispute that may arise with reference to the services associated with the Carta Amico Salutista, the Court of TURIN will be exclusively competent.