Live or stay in an environment
healthy is everyone's right


Sanitized or non-sanitized environment?

it is the doubt that assails those who must book a stay in an accommodation facility after the CORONAVIRUS pandemic.



HEALTHY PLACE identifies a hotel hospitality environment free of viruses, bacteria, molds, pollutants, noise, electromagnetic fields, radon ..., where you can feel safe and relaxed



  • Waiting room

  • Conference room

  • Breakfast room

  • Restaurant

  • Spa and Wellness

  • Guest Rooms


The presence of the accommodation on the Guide reassures the customer and leads him to book.




In a Healthy Place environment, regular daily cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces with which guests are most in contact is performed: call buttons and pushbutton panel inside the lifts, door and gate handles, remote controls, keys or access cards to rooms, common toilets, reception desk, handrails, armchairs, seats and sofas in the common areas, ...


Periodically, the cleaning and disinfection of the common areas is performed in a meticulous and in-depth manner, referring to the Healthy Place sanitation protocol validated by an International Certification Body to guarantee a higher level of environmental well-being


  • Because you care about your customers' health

  • Because the sanitization performed with reference to the Healthy Place® Protocol, validated by an International Accredited Certification Body, allows us to offer customers healthier and safer environments

  • Because a Certified Sanitizing environment reassures customers and makes them feel safe

  • Because with the Healthy Place® Protocol you get a thorough and effective sanitation in your environments

  • Because Certified Sanitation guarantees compliance with the rules for containing the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic and allows you to communicate: Relax! You 're in a Healthy Place

Healthy Place® PACKAGE
For healthier and safer environments

To obtain the certified sanitation of your accommodation, adopt the Healthy Place® package which includes:


  1. Healthy Place® protocol by Sicuri in Ambiente Sicuro, validated by BM TRADA, an International Certification Body, as a reference foreffective sanitation that respects the rules

  2. Reference Operating Procedure for correct daily and periodic sanitation and sanitation of your environments

  3. Model certificate of reference for the company carrying out the sanitization and which must declare its regular execution

  4. Log daily and periodic sanitation and sanitation activities performed in your rooms

  5. Use of the sticker Relax ! you're in a Healthy Place

  6. Information flyer for guests

  7. Presence of the accommodation on the First Online Guide to healthier and safer Hotel Hospitality

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