Hotelinsalute.com was born in Turin (Italy) towards the end of 2017 from an intuition of Dino CELLUPICA, with more than forty years of experience in the field of environmental hygiene and safety .


Hotelinsalute.com is based in Turin.


In order to carry out the qualification activity throughout the national territory, hotelinsalute.com makes use of the collaboration of various Accredited Chemical and Microbiological Laboratories and expert technicians in the hygienic-environmental field. All operate in compliance with the applicable laws and referring to the Healthy Room Protocol, developed by our experts and validated by the Sicuri in Ambiente Sicuro Technical Scientific Committee.


Hotelinsalute.com, as its scientific reference, avails itself of Sicuri in Ambiente Sicuro Technical Scientific Committee, a private, independent and non-profit institution, made up of subjects from the academic, professional, industrial and advanced tertiary sectors.


Hotelinsalute.com is also the promoter of Carta Amico Salutista, a free fidelithy card, which offers its members the opportunity to access many benefits on everything related to health including the use of the services offered by affiliated Health Hotels.




Hotelinsalute.com is the first online guide to Hotel Hospitality equipped with HEALTHY ROOM , rooms able to satisfy the needs of greater attention to the health of their guests.


The Guide aims to be a reference for families, wellness travelers, business, leisure and health-conscious by choice or necessity, etc. that when traveling seek hotel rooms Healthy Room, that is healthy.


HEALTHY ROOM rooms are thoroughly hygienized and sanitized , are equipped with healthy air and are not exposed to risks for the safety and health of the guest electromagnetic fields, legionella, radon, allergens, viruses, bacteria, etc.




Hotelinsalute.com, to guarantee the values ​​that inspire it, has adopted its own Code of Ethics to which all those who, in any capacity, lend their work and offer their services in the name and on behalf of hotelinsalute.com.


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